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Gallup has just released a poll of the most admired (living) world figures. George W. Bush is the most admired, named so by 13 percent of respondents. (In December 2001, that number was 39 percent.) Bush is followed by Bill Clinton, at five percent, and Jimmy Carter, at four percent. And then, the first non-president on the list is…Barack Obama, with three percent, tied with the Rev. Billy Graham. After that come Colin Powell and Pope Benedict XVI, with two percent, and then a bunch of people, including Nelson Mandela, George H.W. Bush (why is this ex-president rated so low?), Bill Gates, John McCain, George Clooney, Rudolph Giuliani, Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Jackson and, well, Mel Gibson — all at one percent. Bono and John Edwards failed to crack the one percent mark.

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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