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The Obama Rule


The more President Obama and the once-again-unhinged Vice President Biden do their campaign stops, alleging that congressional failure to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars more for states and the federal government to hire more workers equates to dirty air and water, and more rapes and hold-ups, the sense of utter unreality grows. Between January 2009 and January 2011, Obama and his Democratic Congress did whatever they wished, whether creating Obamacare, funding crony capitalists like the Solyndra bunch (“millions of green jobs”), or borrowing over $4 trillion in various stimuli. Finally, the voters had enough of the borrowing, and so voted dozens of Democrats out of Congress in the largest midterm rebuke since 1938. And yet the administration logic persists that if you reflect the anguish of the voters, and if you are reluctant to borrow hundreds of billions more when prior trillions in new debt have led to about zero growth, 9.1 percent unemployment, a worse housing market, the greatest drop in the standard of living in any comparable three-year period, and price hikes in food and fuel, then you are a polluting abettor of rape and thuggery. 


This is pathetic, especially following the president’s recent remarks about civility in politics when dedicating the King monument. As we saw with the Representative Giffords shooting, we now know the Obama Rule: Anytime the president sermonizes about civility and the need to curb partisan rhetoric, this is a telltale sign that in a few days a savage partisan attack will surely follow.

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