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Obama Takes Identity Politics to Its Logical Conclusion

Exurban league makes a very good point regarding Obama’s I’m-not-an-appeaser outrage:

Uh, dude? If you are not an appeaser, why on earth do you take it personally when Bush criticizes appeasers?

I’ve done plenty of PR work in my time, senator. Although you shouldn’t have released a statement at all, here’s how you should have handled a press question about Bush’s comments:

“One thing all Americans agree on is that appeasement doesn’t work. As president, I will engage in tough, principled, and direct diplomacy just like Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan before me. And of course, no American president will engage with terrorists, least of all those who seek to destroy our stalwart ally, Israel. I look forward to celebrating the 65th anniversary of Israel’s independence.”

That was easy, wasn’t it? If Bush gave a speech about drug dealers, would you release a statement saying, “how DARE you insult me!”? Of course not; you’re aren’t a drug dealer. So if you really aren’t an appeaser, you shouldn’t have willingly identified yourself with that group.


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