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Obama Threatens to Veto Congressional Rebuke Of His Unilateral Actions

President Obama issued a veto threat against a rebuke of his recent executive orders on immigration.

“The bill’s objective is clearly to nullify and block implementation of these executive actions, which would have devastating consequences,” a statement of administration policy says of the bill authored Representative Ted Yoho (R., Fla.) that bars Obama from refusing to enforce immigration laws against whole categories of people. “By attempting to restrict the Administration’s ability to conduct national security and criminal background checks on undocumented immigrants, H.R. 5759 would make the Nation’s communities less safe.  By attempting to make it more difficult for undocumented workers to register and pay taxes, the bill would hurt the Nation’s economy as well.”

Yoho filed the bill last month. “He’s like a kid in the sandbox,” the Republican lawmaker told the Florida Times-Union. “I don’t like what you’re doing so I’m going to leave the sandbox and do my own thing.”

The Yoho bill gives Republicans a way to register their disapproval of Obama’s executive actions, but some rank-and-file members regard it as a toothless measure that — in conjunction with passing other appropriations bills — weakens their ability to block the implementation of the executive orders.

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) urged House and Senate colleagues to prohibit Obama from using federal funds to implement his executive orders.

“We should pass a short-term continuing resolution that includes language defunding the implementation of the President’s executive action on amnesty,” Cruz said in a Wednesday statement. “Nearly a dozen Senate Democrats have publicly expressed concerns about President Obama’s executive amnesty. Support for the President’s lawlessness decreases by the day, and House Republicans should provide Senate Democrats the opportunity to show voters whether or not they have heard the message the voters sent in the 2014 elections.”



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