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Obama, Wright, and Honesty

What’s been most disturbing about this entire episode is how dishonest Obama has been, from his pretense that he didn’t know about Wright’s radicalism to his excuse now that Wright has somehow become a different person. How insulting that he thinks we’d buy any of this. I was struck in the FNS interview how, when asked what controversial statements he had heard from Wright, he said Wright would talk “about some of the problems in the black community in very controversial ways.” He probably did–but these were the most controversial things Obama heard? He was obviously trimming, trying to make Wright sound like an equal-opportunity hater. The simple thing for Obama to have done would have been to tell the truth from the beginning and say that he had made a mistake in staying at the church for so long, but he did so for complicated reasons that he could have spelled out in eloquent terms that would have made the press swoon. Instead, he did his dance in Philadelphia and uttered that line that will now haunt him. So now is Obama disowning the black community?

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