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Obama, Yesterday: ‘Our War in Afghanistan Came to an End’


If you’re confused, President Obama declared “the end of the combat mission in Afghanistan” on December 28, 2014.

The opposition did not get that memo. April 10:

A 22-year-old member of the US Army from Whitinsville was killed in Afghanistan when an Afghan soldier attacked his American allies earlier this week.

John M. Dawson, an Army specialist, died in Jalalabad from wounds suffered when he was hit by small arms fire while on an escort mission, the Defense Department said in a statement.

The gunman was an Afghan National Army soldier who “turned traitor” on his American allies, said Army Sergeant Paul Reis, who was assigned as a liaison to the Dawson family after Dawson’s death. He said other soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Meanwhile, in Helmand, Afghanistan, this weekend:

Taliban gunmen surrounded a police compound in the volatile southern province of Helmand after killing 19 police officers and seven soldiers in an ongoing siege, a senior police officer said Monday from inside the compound.

Napas Khan, the police chief in the Naw Zad district, said by telephone that the insurgents had advanced to within 65 feet of the compound after seizing police vehicles and weapons and blocking all roads out of Naw Zad.

“We need an immediate response from the government,” Khan said.

He said the attack started before dawn Monday when the insurgents overran multiple police checkpoints across the district.


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