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Obamacare: An Update

Ross Douthat has a good summary of the expected unintended consequences (so far) of Obamacare. 

First, the C.B.O. has released a new estimate of how much additional discretionary spending – on implementation costs, further subsidies for new and existing programs, etc. – health care reform is likely to generate over the first 10 years.

. . . given how hard it is to find offsets and/or kill off existing programs, the C.B.O. estimate certainly isn’t good news for America’s finances. Nor is the news that Reihan Salam took note of last week, which bears on one of the potential fiscal time bombs embedded in reform – namely, the possibility that far more companies will offload their employees into the new government-run exchanges than the C.B.O.’s official estimate predicts. . . .

I’ll leave the last word to The New Yorker’s John Cassidy, discussing just this problem with the current reform package: “At that point, if it comes, politicians of both parties will be back close to where they began: searching for health-care reform that provides adequate coverage for all at a cost the country can afford. What would such a system look like? That is a topic for another post, but I don’t think it would look much like Romney-ObamaCare.”

The piece is here.


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