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Obamacare Website Gets the Year Wrong

Ohio resident Sharon Rasberg was dutifully trying to sign up for Obamacare health coverage on the website and found it is misleading enrollees by a full year about the deadline to sign up for insurance. Is it a typo or another unannounced delay?

The website says: “If you want your coverage to start on January 1, 2014, you should confirm your plan(s) by December 23, 2014.” That would give people more than eleven months to apply for coverage this year.

“I am just a regular citizen super frustrated by the whole healthcare debacle,” Mrs. Rasberg writes. “Here is what I encountered when I logged on tonight to yet again try to unravel getting coverage. This was in a big red banner across the page.”

Here’s the screen shot:

“Granted, I was a journalism major long ago in college so I read fairly carefully,” she writes, “but others may not realize that the deadline for Jan. 1 coverage was actually Dec. 23, 2013, not Dec. 23, 2014.”

“That aside, come on, if you can’t proofread your copy, how can you sort out getting me coverage?”

Exactly. It once again calls into question the competence of those implementing the law and running the website.


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