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Obama’s Abortion Emphasis

The president’s recent emphasis on abortion — including the ad below, the Planned Parenthood president’s joining him on the campaign trail, and Joe Biden’s heartfelt declaration that all women should be entitled to “every single solitary operation” — tells me three things:

1. Either the president feels the need to shore up his cultural base, or he truly thinks undecided women have been waiting to see who liked abortion the most;

2. If a Republican launched a similar base-focused blitz three weeks before the election, the MSM would see that as an unmistakable sign of trouble; and

3. The MSM likely won’t report the signs of trouble because they are in part the base that’s being reassured.

Those few Evangelicals who are still on the fence about Mitt Romney (usually the younger, more “progressive” set) should now have no illusions: An Obama victory at this point would not only reelect the most pro-abortion president in American history, it would convince Democrats that abortion is a winning issue and will only solidify their commitment to preserving abortion rights and expanding access.  Pro-life Democrats need to watch the ad below and think long and hard about sending their own party a potentially decisive message about the value of unborn children:


(As frequently disclosed, I’m the co-founder of Evangelicals for Mitt.)


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It’s all familiar and boring, the recasting of an American archetype into a new mold to instruct, because they can’t come up with archetypes of their own.