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Obama’s Audacity in Using the L-word

Amazing, Kathryn. Obama’s campaign is trying to turn the argument away from his own repeated misrepresentations — not only proven but even admitted — about what he did and what he voted against.

Instead of apologizing to the people Obama wrongly called “liars” on Saturday, he is taking refuge in charged semantics. His campaign, unable to defend the votes he took and the things he said, which are all backed up by documentary evidence, is dropping an atomic bomb of triviality on the entire debate. Obama will only get away with this if the media lets him. A reader asks, “Where is”

I was asked earlier today, on a radio program, to offer a strategy for how Obama should deal with the born-alive controversy. I could think of nothing. All I could say is that I wouldn’t want to be forced to defend the votes that Obama took on this bill or any of the speeches he gave on why babies already born cannot be considered “persons.”

Apparently, neither does his campaign.


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