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‘Obama’s Bird-Brained Attack’

I write today in Politico about President Obama’s Sesame Street offensive:

The problem with the widely panned spot is that it plays less like a spoof of Mitt Romney than a parody of one of the Obama team’s own negative ads. It’s just as dishonest, over the top and — for lack of a better word — stupid.

Like much of the Obama campaign since the Drubbing in Denver, the ad exhibited all the thoughtfulness and care you would expect of people laboring in trying circumstances, augmented by their own panic. In mountain-climbing terms, they are in a storm somewhere on the southwest face of Mount Everest, with one sherpa already dead.

It’s not only the ad. The president of the United States himself — the leader of the free world and the man who once pledged to elevate our politics and make the oceans recede — has made Big Bird a recurring feature of his stump speeches. He also cites Elmo and Oscar as other characters who need to “watch out” because Romney plans “to bring the hammer down on ‘Sesame Street’.” (The president apparently doesn’t care about the fate of Mr. Snuffleupagus, who never rates a mention.)

“Big Bird was part of a broader effort by Mr. Obama and his team to reassure supporters,” The New York Times reported, “that his campaign had not lost its intensity or focus.” What about its mind?


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