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Obama’s Collapse In Carolina

Two more polls of North Carolina primary voters came out late Wednesday. The effects of the Wright disaster, the Clinton endorsement by Gov. Mike Easley, and effective messaging by the Clinton campaign in rural and small-town NC are clearly evident:

An Insider Advantage poll for Southern Political Report has it at Clinton 44-Obama 42.*

A Mason-Dixon poll for WRAL-TV in Raleigh has it at Obama 49-Clinton 42.

The networks will be rethinking their travel schedules and guest bookings for the weekend right about now.

* By the way, I wouldn’t get carried away with that two-point Clinton edge in the SPR poll, because a look at the crosstabs reveals only a 64-20 percent preference for Obama among black voters. Not credible. Still, the race has clearly tightened considerably in the past few days.


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