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Obama’s Good Night?

The Democratic spin ever since the race was called has been that this is a good night for Obama because of his lead over Romney in the exit polls.  Heck, it was almost the main takeaway for some of the usual suspects on MSNBC. I’m deeply dubious of the exit polls, given how wrong they seem to have been today. But I’ll wait for the experts to dissect all that tomorrow.

Even so, the idea that Obama is happy tonight because of his lead over Romney in Wisconsin is the shallowest, lamest, spin of this hugely important night which has significance far beyond just the presidential election. But even looking at presidential politics alone, this is a terrible night for Obama and the Democrats. Obama is now catawampus with organized labor generally and public sector unions specifically. Organized labor is now losing an existential struggle and not just in Wisconsin. Their resources are threatened as union dues dry up wherever they are forcibly extracted from workers. They have to choose between working for Obama’s political survival or their own. Obama, meanwhile, has to worry about how to get back in their good graces and revive their enthusiasm at precisely the moment he should be worrying about moving to the center.

Last, this is Wisconsin. Every day Obama has to spend serious time and money in Wisconsin is a losing day for Barack Obama. The results tonight suggest he’ll be there quite a bit.

But yeah, it’s a great night for Obama because the exit polls say so.


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