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Obama’s (Great) Uncle

The Obama campaign has put out a statement saying that Obama was mistaken when he referred to his great uncle helping liberate Auschwitz — it was in fact, the campaign says, Buchenwald.  The statement and info sheet:

“Senator Obama’s family is proud of the service of his grandfather and uncles in World War II – especially the fact that his great uncle was a part of liberating one of the concentration camps at Buchenwald. Yesterday he mistakenly referred to Auschwitz instead of Buchenwald in telling of his personal experience of a soldier in his family who served heroically,” said Obama campaign spokesman Bill  Burton.

Information about the infantry division that Obama’s great uncle was a part of that took part in the liberation of a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp in Nazi German:

Link about Obama’s great uncle’s infantry division —

From the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum —

Obama’s Great Uncle (His Grandmother’s Brother) Served in the 89th Infantry Division that Liberated Ohrdruf, a Subcamp of Buchenwald, the First Camp Liberated by Americans, on April 4, 1945; It Was Visited by Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley on April 12th. “Formed in 1917, shortly after the United States entered World War I, the 89th Infantry Division participated in several major military battles. In World War II, the “Rolling W” division landed in France in January 1945 and quickly advanced to the German front. In March 1945, it joined the Third Army’s assault on the Rhineland, crossing the Sauer, Moselle, and Rhine rivers that same month. On April 8, the 89th captured the town of Eisenach and subsequently advanced farther into Thuringia and into neighboring Saxony, where it took the city of Zwickau on April 18, 1945. On April 4, 1945, the 89th overran Ohrdruf, a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Ohrdruf was the first Nazi concentration camp liberated by U.S. troops in Germany. A week later, on April 12, Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower, George S. Patton, and Omar Bradley visited Ohrdruf to see, firsthand, evidence of Nazi atrocities against concentration camp prisoners.” [United States Holocaust Museum



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