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Obama’s Left Limp

There was, as always, lilting rhetoric in Obama’s Philadelphia speech. But the man certainly seems to limp to the left. Not a word about the role of the policies of the Left since 1964, that have statistically done so much damage to the black family, youth unemployment, and the abandonment of pregnant girlfriends without marriage. Nor about the unintended, unanticipated anger, resentment, and bitter disappointment that oozes out from “liberal racism.” (Although Michelle Obama has mentioned how distant she found the eyes of white liberals at Princeton: fine liberal speech, but no honesty of feelings.) In Obama’s speech, the Left can do no wrong.

This limp also prevents Obama from seeing anything honest, true, and helpful about conservatives, Reagan Democrats, Ward Connerly, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or many another conservative whose work has genuinely altered black life in America for the better. Obama’s liberals can do no wrong, and his conservatives can do no good. His vision is divisive. His rhetoric is divisive.

Obama’s limp to the Left prevents him from seeing business corporations honestly, fairly, and constructively. Ditto for “profits,” which Obama uses as a dirty word. Does he really think that “losses” are good, helpful, and creative, while “profits” are evil? And that if corporations disappeared from American life, the problems of the poor would be fewer?

What is he thinking….?

Incidentally, how does it happen that Obama blames corporations for shifting jobs overseas, during the same time period in which corporations from other nations –Toyota, Siemens, and a host of others — are opening new plants in America? And in the same decade in which a larger gross number and a larger proportion of Americans are gainfully employed than ever before?

Of course, Mrs. Senator Clinton has the same limp to the Left. And the same divisiveness.

Liberals tend to think conservatives are evil. Conservatives just think liberals are willfully ignorant.

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