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Obama’s Lifeline to the Mullahs, Continued

The editors of the Wall Street Journal aptly bristle this morning over the Obama administration’s latest lifeline to the Iranian terror regime: Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday to the Council on Foreign Relations during which the secretary of state declared, “We remain ready to engage with Iran, but the time for action is now.”  The assertion follows naturally from President Obama’s announcement last week of an autumn “deadline” (Hah!) for the mullahs to agree to “negotiate” over their nuclear program. In effect, even as the Iranian people are casting doubt on the legitimacy of the regime (and are being brutalized for doing so) and even as the regime continues trying to kill Americans in Iraq and elsewhere, Obama is giving the mullahs the three things they most need: confidence in their security, international legitimacy, and time.

As I’ve been saying for a month, there is nothing complicated about this: Obama wants the mullahs to win. That seems impossible to believe for many well-intentioned people, but once you accept it — and everything it implies — life starts to make much sense. It isn’t any better, mind you, but at least it makes sense.

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