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Obama’s Plunge: A Window onto the MSM

What do Tim Tebow, Pope Benedict XVI, and President Obama have in common? The mainstream-media complex, as represented by one of its bellwether glossies, is decidedly unimpressed with all three of them.

They all appear on GQ’s list of the 25 Least Influential People, or, as the article’s subtitle has it, the leading “impotent megalomaniacs.” The conservative Protestant quarterback and the conservative Catholic pope do not come as a surprise; but the comment about Obama indicates how far the progressive president’s stock has fallen. Quoth GQ: “He can blame Republicans in Congress all he likes and get away with it because congressional Republicans are the worst. But the fact remains that I have spent the majority of this man’s presidency watching bad things happen, then hearing a thoughtful speech about how we gotta make sure the bad things never happen again, and then watching as nothing gets done. Next time there’s an election, I want Nate Silver to analyze the data and tell me who to vote for so that I don’t end up casting my ballot for a very eloquent hat stand.”

Yes: Obama, who started out as a guy whom even some of his intelligent ideological opponents believed had a “first-class intellect and first-class temperament,” is now compared by his allies to “a very eloquent hat stand.”

(Anyone, by the way, who concludes from this post that I am a reader of GQ would be quickly disabused of this notion by a quick glance at the clothes I wear. “GQ” appears, by the way, to now be the publication’s formal name; which is appropriate, because it is neither quarterly, nor, as far as I can discern, suitable for gentlemen. I learned about this list from an article on the Evangelical news website Christian Post.)

P.S. For further proof that nobody likes Obama anymore, check out Ted Rall’s vicious — and entirely fair, and accurate — attack on the fiasco of Obamacare. Ted Rall is one of America’s most talented left-wing cartoonists, and even he gets how bad this is.



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