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Obama’s Solyndra Veto Threat

So far this year, President Obama has threatened to veto legislation to restrict public funding for abortions, any meaningful attempt at entitlement reform and, most recently, repeal of the CLASS Act, a program his own administration admits is functionally inoperable.

Just yesterday, he issued yet another veto warning, threatening to reject any appropriations bill “that undermines critical domestic priorities or national security through funding levels or language restrictions, contains earmarks, or fails to make the tough choices to cut where needed while maintaining what we need to spur long-term job creation and win the future.”

In a letter from OMB director Jack Lew to congressional appropriators, the administration cites “critical domestic priorities” necessary to “win the future” such as full funding for the implementation of Obamacare, which presumably includes the CLASS Act, full funding for the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory regime and, last but not least, full funding for the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs.

That’s right, the same “green” energy initiative that brought us Solyndra, and for which the administration has requested no less than $1.95 billion this year.

Republicans will presumably put the president’s words to the test. As well they should.

Andrew StilesAndrew Stiles is a political reporter for National Review Online. He previously worked at the Washington Free Beacon, and was an intern at The Hill newspaper. Stiles is a 2009 ...