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Obama’s Third Party

Although his campaign vehemently denied it in 2008, newly obtained documentary evidence now establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Obama joined the New Party, a leftist third party controlled in Chicago by ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), during his first run for office in 1996. I give details in a piece on today’s homepage, concentrating on the new “smoking gun” documentation, and on the attempt by Obama, his campaign, and his old political colleagues to cover up the story in 2008. In the next issue of National Review, I’ll have a piece that explores the ideology of the New Party, as well as the newly discovered details of Obama’s ties to the group.

The New Party’s aim was to transform the United States into a European-style welfare state, with the program of Scandinavia’s social democratic parties serving as a model. Mitt Romney has already identified this as the goal of Obama’s presidency, and the story of Obama’s New Party days lends credence to Romney’s claim.

So while Romney was running Bain Capital, Obama joined a leftist third party controlled by ACORN and dedicated to turning the United States into a massive, European-style welfare state. If Romney’s background at Bain is a fit topic for discussion, so is Obama’s New Party tie. It is now proven that, despite his campaign’s vehement denials in 2008, President Obama gave his allegiance to a party standing far toward the left of the American political spectrum. That is news. Will the press report it?


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