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Obamedia, Holder Style

Look, we have a Justice Department in which the attorney general himself — not some middle-management minion but the top federal law enforcement official in the country — attaches himself at the hip to the country’s most notorious race-demagogue, as Eric Holder did with Al Sharpton in agitating for a race-driven, rather than evidence-driven, state murder prosecution of George Zimmerman. Worse, if worse there can be, it is a Justice Department that has adopted a willfully anti-constitutional, racially discriminatory standard for civil rights enforcement. It is a Justice Department that designs harebrained firearms investigation schemes that inevitably get people killed — including law enforcement officers — and then lawlessly stonewalls congressional efforts to investigate. It is a Justice Department that has pervasively politicized not only enforcement protocols but hiring practices. With this kind of record (and I’ve only scratched the surface), is anyone really surprised that DOJ has pressed the lefty goon squad Media Matters into service as an adjunct of its press operation?

As one of the targets of Eric’s lapdogs, I suppose I should be honored. But in the greater scheme of things Obama, what would be shocking is if this kind of Romper Room stuff weren’t going on. If Peter Orszag has to run his columns by Valerie Jarrett, and the campaign press thinks its time is best spent coordinating attacks on Romney while Obama’s four-year policy of empowering Islamists has our people getting murdered and the Middle East exploding, why wouldn’t DOJ retain George Soros to run its own little Pravda.

There are two things worth remembering about this. First, Senate Republicans have no excuses: This is not a surprise, Holder already had a deplorable record when he was nominated, they knew exactly what they were getting and they joined in an overwhelming vote to confirm him anyway. Second, while law-enforcement itself should never be politicized, they manner in which law-enforcement duties are performed is a profound political issue, as to which elections are the time for accountability.

What Obama and Holder have done with the Justice Department is mind-blowing, but the press is in the tank for its administration partners. DOJ will never be relevant unless the Romney campaign makes it relevant. I don’t know if 47 percent of the country is with Obama, but I do know that 100 percent of the Obama Justice Department needs to be shown the door.


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