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Obesity as a ‘Disease’ Empowers Technocracy

The AMA recently declared obesity to be a disease, part of the ongoing drive to empower the technocracy over every aspect of our lives. Perhaps worse, when we medicalize almost every behavioral problem, it essentially means nothing is our own fault — which enervates personal responsibility. And don’t think Obamacare isn’t caught up in this.

I ponder the matter over at my First Things column. Here is my conclusion:

So what we see here is a large helping of politics, not just science. This is why the technocracy—which threatens to smother society like the old movie monster The Blob did Steve McQueen—never stops growing.

Medicalizing our social problems isn’t healthy. It undermines personal responsibility and renders important character-building virtues such as self-restraint and discipline hopelessly passé. Lowering expectations for individual behavior is the real “disease” afflicting the modern age and well-intentioned “experts” are the vectors.

For those interested in reading the whole thing, here is the link.

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