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Obl Tape Hurts Bush?

Lotsa folk have said the OBL tape stiffened American spines (“No foreign

terrorist’s going to tell ME how to vote!”) Some — e.g. America’s

Newspaper of Record this morning – say it makes no


The tape left me somewhat dismayed. OBL looks tired and frustrated. He

looks like a busted flush, a broken-down old Lear — you know: “I shall do

such things, I know not what they shall be, but they shall be the terror of

the earth!…” I found myself thinking: “THIS is what all the fuss is

about? This tired, gray-haired fool, babbling inconsequentially from some

basement somewhere?”

If that’s a common reaction — that we beat him (he LOOKS beaten) — and the

War on Terror is over (which of course it actually isn’t — there’s plenty

where OBL came from) — it’s bad for Bush.

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