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Obscuring the Actual Debate at Hand

Rick Santorum has called the much-discussed aspirin joke made by Foster Friess on MSNBC yesterday a “stupid joke” in “bad taste.” And yet still they play it, of course. Last night, Santorum added to reporters: “I don’t know what you’re preoccupation with it is.” Of course, he does. The more administration defenders insist we are debating contraception, and its opponents all harbor secret policy prescriptions to keep women from it, the better the chance they win the day, and religious liberty loses. 

Just as I was writing this, by the way, an MSNBC anchor played the Friess segment yet again, “for those who haven’t seen it.” It is safe to say anyone who watches MSNBC has seen it more than once already. 

Friess, by the way, also appeared on The Last Word later in the day to clarify. But that has not made the frequent repeat reel. 


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