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An Observation

It seems that for the third presidential cycle in a row, many Democrats are pining for somebody other than the likely nominee.  Recall: In 2000, not a few lamented that President Clinton could not serve a third term.  Instead, they were stuck with his less charismatic VP.  Four years later, Democrats nominated Sen. John Kerry, but, noting his imperfections, many a Dem wished that Sen. Clinton had made her run.  Now she is running, but even before 2007 arrives Dems seem to have a case of buyer’s remorse and are casting about a bit for an alternative.  Sen. Obama, as will be displayed tomorrow during his first post-election trip to New Hampshire, is now filling that role.  But wouldn’t it be ironic if Al Gore, eight years after being the object of Dems grumbling, became the third in a string of fantasty candidates?


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