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Odd Links Of The Day

Debby sends a particularly good batch:

Wired has a composting How-To.

7 Strange and Different Restaurants.

If Ted Kennedy’s cancer is a glioblastoma multiforme, the most common kind of brain tumor, it may have been caused by a virus from the herpes family. 

Cinematic Influences on ‘Star Wars’.

Man tries to dodge rape conviction by arguing he was affected by venom from a funnel web spider bite at the time.

When Bodybuilding and Steroids Go Too Far.

Sumo car wash.

Museum covers up naked Egyptian mummies to protect ‘sensitivities’ of visitors.

Brooklyn Bridge celebrates 125th birthday.

Student finds a microbe that digests plastic bags.

Video – flying fish stays airborne for 45 seconds.

100 Explosions Recorded on the Moon.

For you math geeks – Using bacteria to solve the burnt pancake problem.

Betting Site Lays Odds on BSG’s Final Cylon.

Working class has lower IQ. 

The Official Shotgun Rules.

10 Awesome Indiana Jones Facts. 


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