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Odd Prediction

A longtime email buddy writes:

Knowing how smart and widely-read and just plain common-sensical you are, here’s a prediction: One day, probably far down the road, you will don the Vader head/hat and become a liberal. Love you to death, JG, but there’s something about you that carries the seeds to an awful transformation. Hope as usual, a prediction from this quarter is wrong. Maybe it is a latent contrarian streak in you that will magnify to horrifying proportions, sweeping you along even as you see your doom. You’re nuts, Jonah, a good healthy nuts, but nutty people, including this one, sometimes really lose it. And once you do go to over, it will be hell to pay dealing with you. Please don’t but it’s likely beyond anyone’s, including your own, control.

Me: He’s wrong that I’ll be moving to the left in any way. But I will say I’ve been moving steadily to a more operationally — though not metaphysically — libertarian position over the last year or two. This is partly due to the lessons I’ve learned from writing this interminable book. Which I must now get back to. But fear not, my mitochlorians (?) are constitutionally incapable of moving leftward.


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