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OFA Uses Navy Yard Shooting to Fundraise

Organizing for Action, the non-profit group that branched off the Obama campaign, used this week’s Navy Yard shooting to ask supporters for donations in an e-mail. The e-mail asks supporters to “chip in today” after supporters​ sign an online petition to push for more gun-control measures.

“If you’re like me, you heard the news about the 12 Americans who died in D.C.’s Navy Yard shooting — and you had those familiar feelings of grief and frustration,” OFA executive director Jon Carson begins. “As President Obama said, these events are too common. We all stand numb, trying to wrap our minds around another tragedy that breaks our hearts.”

Carson goes on to criticize Congress for not passing gun-control legislation and tells supporters that “we just can’t back down now” as he asks them to recommit by signing the petition, followed by a request for a donation. “We’re up against powerful special interests that will spend whatever it takes to stand in the way of progress,” the screen reads, suggesting donations ranging from $15 to $1,000.

Read the full e-mail here.


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