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OFA Wants You to Fight to Raise Minimum Wage, Won’t Pay You to Do It

Organizing for Action, the successor to President Obama’s campaign operation, is big on fighting for raising the federal minimum wage, but not so much on paying its own workers.

Organizing  for Action is looking to sign people up for its spring 2014 fellowship program, which will teach them “best practices in the areas of community organizing, media relations, and grassroots fundraising.” The sign-up page allows users to select to volunteer either 15 or 40 hours per week. But they won’t be receiving compensation for their efforts. The page unequivocally states that “the Spring Organizing Fellowship is an unpaid, volunteer program.”

“OFA is looking for volunteers who are interested in donating their time to the program, without the expectation of pay, for civic and public service purposes,” the page says.

The organization is happy to argue that the federal minimum wage should be increased, however.

Via Twitchy and Greg Pollowitz.

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