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An Offbeat Point about the GOP Race

For months, you’ve been hearing a lot of commentary on Election ’16. There’s nothing I can add — except maybe this. Try it on for size.

We hear that Trump, Carson, and Carly are the leading candidates on the Republican side because they’re the outsiders. I’m not sure about that. I think it has to do with their campaign skills and their personal skills, or stories.

Trump is one of the most natural television performers of this age. One of the most entertaining people in the country. He’s more comfortable on television than most people are in their living rooms. Carson has a wonderful and inspiring personal story, and he is charming and endearing on the trail.

Also — this is impolite to mention — conservatives are habitually hungry to boost and embrace a black American. Being called racist 24/7 will do that to you. “No, you morons, we just can’t stand Obama! Because he’s a leftist! Like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and we could go on!”

As for Carly, she is one of the most natural talkers and campaigners any of us has ever seen. In fact, that’s a theory of mine about why she’s running: She is extraordinarily good at campaigning. And people like to do what they’re good at.

There’s a thirst for outsiderness, it’s true. But I believe that the three leading candidates — Trump, Carson, and Carly — would be doing just as well if they were officeholders, with governmental experience under their belt. Probably better.

P.S. Think of Scott Walker. Such a proud and impressive record as governor. Even an important record. But little juice, out on the national trail. Seems kind of unfair.


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