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From a Republican operative on the ground in Ohio: “Pryce is showing a little momentum.” “The concern is that Blackwell, Bush, and the war are huge albatrosses around the necks of every Republican in Ohio.” In 2004, Republicans in Ohio were able to “out-perform what people had modeled” in terms of turn-out. The war and the Republican scandals could make it hard to do that this year. In fact, they make it possible that Dems could out-perform, with maybe some GOPers turned off and other voters just wanting to throw the bums out. “We’re hoping we can battle that to a draw, and get to the finish line. That’s what you’re seeing around the country.” There are 12-13 seats that are “just gone.” The question now is how much “triage” the GOP can do. The worry with Pryce is that if her seat is lost, Republicans won’t win it back again for a long time, with the district trending Democratic. This operative says he’d be quite pleased if the GOP holds losses to 22 seats tomorrow night.


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