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Oh Captain, My Captain

I just got this e-mail from a Marine in Iraq:

Ms Lopez,

Two days ago I mailed a check for $200, but given the delay between Iraq and

the US, it will inevitably be held up. I have had packages take up to a

month to arrive; letters generally take one to two weeks from point to

point. Unfortunately, PayPal is too graphics intensive for our sensitive

Internet Pipeline, so I was reduced to snail-mail.

Please forgive in advance my donations’ tardiness [for NRO’s post-defense legal defense fund], but know that at the very

least you have the support of myself and my unit. One must find a balance

to CNN and the BBC in order to provide perspective, and I have found that

NRO is the premier site for an alternative opinion source.

Thank you again for your service.

He’s helping a new nation–and reading us and financially supporting us–and inspiring us.

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