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Oh, Crêpe

Two points on the –MichiganOhio State game — and very conservative points they are (appropriate to this blog). You know the phrase “This is not your father’s . . .”? It’s one of my least favorite phrases in American life. Often, it is uttered smugly and ignorantly.

Less than a minute into the second quarter of the game, Michigan scored to go up 21–14. An announcer said, excitedly, “This is not your granddad’s –​MichiganOhio State game!” Whoa, “granddad’s”! It was clear from the announcer’s tone that he thought this was a much better game.

I thought, “Well, defense on both sides has been poor. The teams are scoring at will. That didn’t happen in ‘granddad’s’ day. Arguably, ‘granddad’s’ game was better.”

My second point is less conservative, maybe, and it’s also a language point — so if this is not your bag, please skip. At some point, there was a big ol’ mêlée on the field. Three players were expelled as a result. The announcers, like everyone else, called this a “may-lay.” I figure, in a bow to gradualism, evolution, it’s time to give up on this one. A mêlée’s a may-lay, a crêpe’s a crape, and that’s that.

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