The Corner

Oh Dear

Another British Conservative MP has made his contribution to the discussion of the Stern report, and Tim Worstall is not impressed, not impressed at all:.

“Look laddie, it’s one thing to be concerned about climate change. Many of us are. It’s also just about socially acceptable to be a politician, at least in some not so reputable circles. We can even deal with the idea that some politicians might want to combine their concern with climate change with their desire to Lord it over us tax us to hell and back improve our lives tell us what to do although that does stretch our credulity.But if you’re going to pronounce on complex matters, don’t you think that you ought to actually show that you are not a scientific illiterate?”

Read the whole thing, and make your own minds up, but one thing becomes ever more clear, Cameron’s Conservatives are Scylla to Labour’s Charybdis.

And isn’t that special?