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Via the Guardian : “In scenes reminiscent of medieval witchhunts, Catholic pilgrims in Glastonbury have attacked pagans and threatened to “cleanse” them from the town. Local pagans were pelted with salt and branded witches who “would burn in hell” during a procession organised by Youth 2000, a conservative Catholic lay group. The Magick Box, a pagan shop on the route of the march, was also singled out and attacked. Maya Pinder, the owner of the shop, said: “We’ve had to hear comments such as ‘burn the witches’, we’ve had salt thrown in our faces and at our shop, people were openly saying they were ‘cleansing Glastonbury of paganism’.”   Pelted with salt?   The weird thing is that these pilgrims actually appear to believe in witchcraft, wicca, or whatever else you care to call it (I prefer ‘nonsense’).   Meanwhile a relatively sensible priest has been trying to calm things down. He has, I read, been “meeting representatives of the pagan community.”   Pagan community?