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Oh for Goodness Sake

I was away this weekend and am now in an incapacitated Washington. I’m catching up on some things, including finally getting to focus on more than the angriest-looking image Headline News could find from the Rush speech this weekend, which was playing while I was waiting for a plane yesterday. This, so far, is the silliest analysis of the speech I’ve read:

But strip away the platitudes and cheap applause lines about freedom, self-reliance and the virtues of capitalism, and you’re left with the subject that really interests Rush Limbaugh: himself. The conservative talker with the self-professed “talent on loan from God” spoke incessantly in the first person: there were more “I’s” in his CPAC address than in an Idaho potato field. One clear message emerged from the speech:

“Le mouvement conservative, c’est moi.”

If the conservative movement were Rush in Rush’s view of the world, why would he bother to encourage others, educate others? “Talent on loan from God” is part of a persona and success story Rush Limbaugh has written and lived these last 20-plus years (as, I suspect, most if not all of regular listeners get). If I worked for Salon I’d be afraid he encourages the next motivational conservative phenom before long.

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