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Oh, Great, More Polls

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the results from a survey conducted by the Kansas City–based Remington Research Group between Nov. 8-9 and involved 1,450 likely runoff-election voters, with a margin of error was 2.6 percentage points.

The poll showed Kelly Loeffler at 49% of the vote compared to Democrat Raphael Warnock’s 48% showing – within the margin of error of 2.6 percentage points. About 3% were undecided.

In the other race, U.S. Sen. David Perdue had a 50-46 lead over Democrat Jon Ossoff, echoing the results of the November election when the Republican fell just under the majority-vote mark he needed to win outright. About 4% of Georgians were undecided.

We should note that, considering how the candidates finished in the November 3 election, that would be a perfectly plausible result.

But we should also note that Remington Research also ran the “Missouri Scout” poll, and their last three surveys in that state put Trump ahead by five points, six points, and then five points again. Trump won by 16 points.

Does anybody want to pause and reevaluate whether pollsters are getting a reasonable sense of who is going to vote, and whom they will support? Or are we all just going to pretend that the gap between the polls and election results that we have seen in the past week or so just didn’t happen?



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