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Oh For Heaven’s Sake — More Hollywood and Politics

This is up on –titled “Not Everyone Loves Michael J. Fox” – right now:

Heaton has been a relatively unknown political ideologist to most of her fans. My guess is they will be surprised to learn about her as she attacks Fox and repudiates his claims.

Six months ago I reported that Heaton — who then was campaigning to join ABC’s talk show “The View” as a correspondent — was honorary chairwoman of the group Feminists for Life. Jane Roberts, wife of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, is a consultant. Their slogan is “Refuse to Choose.”

Heaton has absolutely made a choice. The question now is whether her stance in Missouri will affect her standing in Hollywood.

Patricia Heaton has been active with Feminists for Life for a good while now. At the Emmy awards years ago, she thanked her mother for letting her be born. This is nothing new for her.

Nice try trying to create a story though. 



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