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Oh No

I’m of the mind that the president didn’t need to be making a dinner-time speech about the attorneys. If he has confidence in his AG he should let him and the White House counsel lead the fight. If the AG screws up again (the DOJ, I think we all agree, was a disaster on the attorneys), he should have to resign.

Instead, the president has now gone before the press and while delivering his remarks lost his place at least once, and sounded like an exhausted lame duck lamely reading his unconvincing statement..

There are two years left in this administration and the president had better exude some confidence. And be confident about his people. And get rid of them if he’s not. Anything else strikes me as lame.

I’m so glad, at least, he’s doing this as a press conference too, which is midway through (I’m guessing), and getting better, certainly has more spirit and signs of leadership than the preceeding remarks.

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