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Oh, Now You Have to Show ID

Vaccination record cards in Sequim, Wash., January 23, 2021. (Lindsey Wasson/Reuters)

NBC 4 in Washington, D.C., reports that the District is concerned that too many people getting the vaccine in DC are not residents, so it’s going to do something about that:

As the District launched its new system to register for a COVID-19 vaccine this week, it also announced major changes to help ensure more doses go to people who actually live there. ”The essential worker burden for vaccinations in the District is disproportionately high [compared] to any other jurisdiction,” said Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, head of DC Health. Going forward, the District will prioritize 90% of its appointments for eligible residents only. In its new registration portal, D.C. said essential workers should bring verification like a work ID badge, letter from employer or paystub. ”One of the ways that we have to ensure that we are not vaccinating residents from other jurisdictions who don’t actually have an essential job in the District of Columbia is to ask for some type of proof for that,” Nesbitt said.

Identification to prove that people are in the right jurisdiction? Funny how this works, when a liberal government is trying to control something it actually cares about. This comes just as congressional Democrats are trying to abolish state voter-identification requirements for in-person and absentee voting and progressives are calling it racist voter suppression to ask voters to cast ballots in their own precinct. We are endlessly told that asking for ID scares people away just as surely as turning fire hoses on them. What if it turns out that this is actually just a routine way for government to verify that it is dealing with people who are entitled to what they are trying to do?


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