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The Ohio Margin

Reader Brendan: “So I worked out, based on the sampling of Ohio precincts

that have responded (as of 11:30 PM PST or thereabouts), as to how many of

the ‘250,000′ outstanding ballots Kerry would have to win. He would have to

get 78% of them. But based on the precinct returns from therest of the

state, the probability of this happening is ~5.4 in 100,000. It is

therefore a 99.9946% chance that Bush has won that state based on the

returns and my 250,000 number. Derb could work this out beyond a shadow of

a doubt, but Kerry’s chances of winning are about the same as his being hit

by lightning…. Democrats are as clueless and classless as always.”

Derb could work this out? Well, I could… if wasn’t stoned on No-Doz and

dizzy from Ovaltine. I’m not sure I could work out my own phone number at

this point.


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