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Okay, Fine, Don’t Go Outside

If my e-mail traffic is any indication, you are online. And there are things to read, I tell you. For outside the NRO world, I direct you to our web briefing. For NRO, you didn’t read everything this week, didja? See what you missed, article-wise here (Hanson, and Thompson, and Satel, and Robbins and McCarthy and more). One the blogs, there are fresh things on Obama and more over in Jim Geraghty’s “Hillary Spot.” There’s fresh stuff in “The Tank” — and if you haven’t had the chance to read NRO’s new military blog, do, especially W. Thomas Smith Jr.’s dispatches from Iraq — more to come from him on his trip there. On the U.K., David Pryce-Jones weighed in. And David Frum is always worth checking out. If you haven’t been on Blog Row lately, hit “Phi Beta Cons” and “Media Blog,” too, while you’re browsing.

If you’re still online and looking, there is always the 100 Best Con Rock (1-50, 51-101–one extra for the Journey) songs you can start downloading, or 100 best non-fiction books of the last century to order and read (though that might keep you offline for a while, so I have to rethink that recommendation). And if you’re still online with nothing to read, e-mail me your NRO wish list.

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