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Okay, One More

Not from a Mormon (and semi-representative):

Even though you’re not going to print this, it’s ridiculous to compare a dogmatic doctrine of transubstantiation (in which the underlying form of an object changes but its appearance (accident) does not ) to misrepresentations of the historical record found in the Book of Mormon.  Joseph Smith read the Book of Mormon from a hat, and contrived not only implausible but actually falsifiable historical theories about Christ’s travel (and that of certain “tribes”).

Keep up the rah-rah for Romney, but please don’t try to insult people’s intelligence by non sequitur responses in the form of reader emails.  The fact is there was a Pontius Pilate, a Barrabas, a Sanhedrin, and a Roman occupation of the Holy Land around 1 AD, thereabouts and thereafter.  However, there is no evidence, in DNA or otherwise, of a magical migration of Jews to the New World.  This is in fact fasifiable  and not the subject of “faith.”  To believe it is not faith, but willful ignorance, much as believing the earth is 6000 years old (a teaching which we Catholics reject because our reason forces us to that conclusion).  DNA testing has proven this to be so.

I like every Mormon I’ve ever met.  Great folks.  But in the willful disregard of scientific proof, they rank up there with any other true cult in forcing a believer into a scientifically indefesible position. 

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