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Okay, Try To Figure this One Out

An ideologically confusing e-mail:

I don’t like Paris Hilton, but it does seem weird how so many people are getting off on her torment, and her obvious oversentencing. Please remember one of th Ft. Dix Six (an illegal alien) has 19 traffic infractions — he was never arrested and never spent time in jail. A woman murders her husband and gets 260 days in jail.

Bush would pick an idiot for a judge, so maybe these imbecile in LA would be his choice, but I am tired of reading about illegals who have multiple DUIs, continue to drive, and get no prison time and then see pundits laugh about Paris going to jail for one DUI.

Me: Um. Ooooh-kay. I mean, actually, she’s in jail for violating parole probation. but whatever.