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Olbermann Protests Too Much

This might have been posted already, but this is an amazing diatribe by Olbermann. He honestly seems to think Ferraro is of a piece with David Duke. Amazing stuff. He really reminds me of the most earnest, humorless student government bozo who thinks sanctimony, rage and arched vocabulary is the hallmark of a statesman and future lion of the 21st century when in reality the kid’s nothing more than a prattling sophomore and Olbermann is nothing more than a kitschy animatronic knock-off of Edward R. Murrow.

Update: Some readers say I’m “defaming” Murrow or being too kind to Olbermann with comparison. Not so fast. First Murrow is wildly overrated.  Second, Olbermann ostentatiously believes he is the reincarnation of Murrow, so much so he ends his little spiels with “good night and good luck.” My point is his attempt to recreate history in himself is a classic example of how such attempts are farcical. But, if you feel otherwise please feel free to replace the name “Edward R. Murrow” with “Kent Brockman.”

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