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The Old, Forever Imbalance

Conservative students have to put up with liberal commencement speakers all the time. Democratic and liberal bigwigs dominate the commencement circuit. Once in a blue moon, liberal students (and faculty) are asked to put up with a conservative speaker. But will they? No. At least not at Rutgers. (See the news here.)

Someone on the Democratic side — perhaps President Obama — should say, “I hate the Republican party and everything they stand for, but this is wrong. This is not right in America.” Is there anyone big enough on the Democratic side to do that?

Personally, I wouldn’t like it if a Democratic former secretary of state were hounded out. There has got to be some Democrat, somewhere, who doesn’t like what has happened at Rutgers.

P.S. If conservatives wanted to try their hand at the Left’s game, they could say, “Rutgers apparently can’t stand the sight or sound of an independent black woman.” They could direct the same gibe at Brandeis (for Hirsi Ali). But that is a dirty game.

P.P.S. What a gracious woman Condoleezza Rice is. She should run for president. But then, in view of 2012, does the American public appreciate graciousness? They chose Obama and Biden, those true gents, over Romney and Ryan.

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