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Jonah, the reason there are “old” Armenian jokes is because, during the Soviet era, they were one of the few tolerated expressions for satirical criticism of the USSR. I learned these jokes – more than I can recount – years ago when I was an exchange student in Leningrad.

For example:

We ask Radio Armenia: What is the difference between American capitalism and Soviet Communism.

Radio Armenia replies: Under American capitalism, man exploits man. By contrast, under Soviet Communism, it’s the other way around.

Or how about:

We ask Radio Armenia: Is socialism a science or an art?

Radio Armenia replies: It must be an art. If it were a science, they would have tested it on animals first.

I don’t actually know if there are new, post-Soviet Armenian jokes. Krikorian, do you know? Anyone out there? Maybe CNN can find an Armenian joke blog.

K-Lo: Yes, Aaron Brown does do that but in fairness he’s giving us a late-night preview of tomorrow’s papers. He’s not tellling us what we would find on our computer screens right at this moment if only … if only what? If only we had a computer? If only we’d stop surfing the porn sites for a half hour?

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