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Old Soldiers Never Die

Sadly, the saying is not true and the UK has lost a great hero. General Sir Anthony Heritage Farrar-Hockley has passed away at the age of 81. He was a true hero of the Korean War and afterwards fought against terrorists and insurgents all over the world, from Malaysia to Aden to Northern Ireland. The IRA in particular hated him because of his uncompromising attitude to them:

Even in his retirement to a village in Oxfordshire, the IRA remained a threat. In 1990 a bomb was attached to the reel of his garden hose, but was spotted by his gardener and defused. “I keep my eyes open,” said Farrar-Hockley, “and I don’t much care for people who place explosive devices in my garden.”

The Anglo-American world needs its Farrar-Hockleys now as much as ever.

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