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Old Story

I was reading an article by Jamie Weinstein about Marco Rubio and a host at MSNBC. In a nutshell, the host accused the senator of blocking a judge because the judge is black and gay.

This took me down Memory Lane, a bit. I remembered one of the reasons I gravitated to conservatism in the first place. When I was quite young, I noticed that the Left tended not to view black people as people. They viewed them as a skin color, or as racial symbols.

My guess is, Rubio views this judge as a man: a man who probably has fine qualities, but is not suited to the particular position he was nominated for. The tendency of the Left, however, would be to view this judge as a race (and a sexual orientation).

For months and years, the Left has said that we conservatives oppose what is called “Obamacare” because we are racist. I remember it was said that we opposed “Hillarycare” because the first lady was a woman (as first ladies tend to be). Look: We have opposed these schemes from Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, and every other paleface you can think of. But we are racist because Obama — instead of one of the Clintons or Gore or Kerry or Biden — is president?

The Left’s accusations are unfair, mean, defamatory, and all that, sure, But they are also bonkers.

This is why I wish the first black president had been a conservative, not a lefty: The media-Hollywood-academia complex (as I sometimes call it) would have viewed the president as a rotten ol’ right-wing Republican, instead of as a sacred being, a totem. They would have viewed the president as a man — a man they detested.

(Of course, they might have detested him all the more because he was — you know, a “Tom.” A “sell-out.” I love my country, heaven knows, and I’m grateful to be an American. But the worst thing about us is our racial lunacy.)

(I almost look forward to a Hillary Clinton presidency — because then we’ll get to be “sexist,” not “racist.” What if Biden becomes president? What sort of “ism” will we be guilty of then?)