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The Oldest Story, Again


When Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot, polite society came to the obvious and sensible conclusion that the real villain was not psychotic shooter Jared Loughner but Sarah Palin’s graphic designer, who had placed crosshairs over congressional districts targeted for electoral challenge. The man who inexplicably is president of these United States felt the need to opine on the case, Frank Rich practically wet himself in the New York Times, Andrew Sullivan acted precisely like Andrew Sullivan, etc.

But what of Michigan? In Michigan, we have actual Democratic elected officials threatening acts of political violence, and we have actual Democratic activists carrying out those acts of political violence. Mr. Sullivan? Mr. Rich? Mr. Obama?

The lead image at the Times’s web site right now is that of an Argentine soccer star the paper is profiling. Mr. Sullivan’s lead item is about the film Killing Them Softly. The public beating of a conservative activist at the hands of a Democratic mob? Not news, apparently.


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