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Once Again, the Left Risks Its Credibility for a Clinton

The Clinton campaign is on the attack — and so is virtually every lefty pundit, writer, and activist in America. Comey’s interfering in the election. Comey is irresponsible. Comey is losing his mind. Comey is partisan. Let’s be clear, they’re all saying this without any knowledge at all regarding the content of the emails in question.

To simply assume that they’re no big deal means assuming that a man with a reputation as a straight shooter, but who previously bent over backwards (including applying a made-up legal standard to the facts) to recommend against prosecuting Hillary Clinton, has now suddenly changed his nature and his priorities and is now bending over backwards to try to cripple her before an election — without any meaningful legal foundation.

While anything is possible, this scenario strikes me as most unlikely — and inconsistent with the man’s reputation and past practice. The more likely scenario is that the FBI uncovered emails that raised sufficient alarm to put Comey in a seemingly impossible position. Wait until after the election to disclose this additional investigatory work, and you risk being seen as deliberately withholding material information to assist Hillary Clinton — especially since the additional work was taking place before election day. Disclose, and he faces exactly the firestorm he faces today. At least disclosure reflects the reality as it exists today.

Once again, Clinton has sounded the bugle call, and the entire left intelligentsia is galloping to the Clintons’ rescue without knowing the facts. They did it in 1998 and realized — realized, months later — that they’d been had. They’re doing it again in 2016. But for most lefty pundits, being a Clinton apologist means never having to say you’re sorry. If the new investigation turns out to be serious, they’ll likely be just as shameless now as they were then.

But there’s a price, and that’s the price America pays now. Teach the world character doesn’t matter, and guess what — your politicians won’t care about character. Regardless of the facts, truth, or justice, only one thing matters now — winning. Remind me again, Democrats, why are you sitting in moral judgment of the Trump GOP?


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